Every person has a reason to ask for a reading. Sometimes the head is full of questions and sometimes you just need an overview of what is going in your life.

Normally we will begin with an overview to see how the dynamic of the energies are. Often the burning questions are already answered with it. It is important for you to understand that the questions answer is already answered within the deep wisdom that everybody has inside.


The solution to the problem is also inside of you . However through multiple reasons we often can't see the woods for the trees and our access is clouded in a big mist. This is why a reading can be helpful to find the access and clarity that you need.


During the reading a action plan emerges and I can help you with the first steps towards the desired outcome. One of the steps is that I will provide you with a powerful guided healing meditation just after the reading and a mp3 for the coming days and weeks. .. in the coming weeks I also will create a small E book that helps you to make the steps towards a brighter future.

Are failures are bad for you ?

We all have experienced failures starting from a very young age . We may not remember them ,but how many times did we fell down when we learned to walk ? We may have cried a bit out of shock or pain ,but then we got up again.

Failures are not something bad they are actually something good. It depends on our mindset If we see it it an neutral result and as an valuable investment into our future we shift our thinking about failures.Failures are now of great value to actually create something better than we thought. However if we think we are a failure , this would mean that we are blocking ourselves from our wishes and dreams.


Edison tried 1000 times to invent the lightbulb which means 999 times he did get it wrong. With other words 999 failures helped to invent something so great that the whole world benefited from.


If we look in nature ,some plants seem to to have this motto : “My past failures where just an investment into my present and future” and these trees grow in strange direction to reach the light.Some other plants grow up and down and sideways just to reach their goal ….. the light.


Keep on doing and you will reach your light ( your goal). Be positive and do not let anybody dull your sparkle . Take care of yourself and create an positive mindset. Think positive , be active also physical and have good interactions with other people. This will be a great base to start the first steps into your positive future. Sometimes perhaps it is good to have somebody to help you to find the right mindset and Allie to help you to reach your goal . Way of Joy is happy to help to create your own positive mindset and the ability to focus on what you really want. We are just a call or text away. Have a great and wonderful week.