English · 30. März 2020
In this time we all want to be informed , but watching news can lead to more stress and anxiety.
English · 29. März 2020
We are living in a very special time. No one could imagine that our year would start like this. Most of the humans are in lockdown all over the planet and life has changed dramatic. For many people uncertainty is another stress factor and indeed if we follow the news it is hard to stay positive . However the most important thing now actually is this. We need to have a positive mindset to be able to get through this crisis and come out great on the other end. Way of Joy has now decided to do...
English · 08. September 2019
The first steps for this blog after a long time of building my Glastonbury nest :)

Die Uebungen dauern keine Stunde wenn man sie taeglich macht. Sollte Ihr interessiert sein es in Deutsch zu hoeren kann ich gerne das ganze mal aufnehmen .


Die Zahl für den Virus ist :



MSM.. ich habe keine Erfahrung damit , aber habe es im deutschen Netz gefunden