Don't watch so many news

Why it is important not to watch the news and research
In this global stressful time , we need to pay attention to our mental health more than ever before . Day by day we are getting horrible news via the Media… If you connect yourself a longer with all the news and perhaps like me wish to research more about the current situation you it is possible that you are getting more stressed than ever before and maybe prone to develop anxiety and sleeping problems and much more.
There is a fact about the brain that is  not known to all people.

The brain can’t make a difference between a real event and something that you only think a feel about.

Lets try a test : Imagine a lemon fresh with a beautiful smell.. Imagine you cut it open and you see how the fresh juice is dropping out of the lemon … If you do this for a while you will have a reaction in your body… Your mouth might water you might even smell the lemon and perhaps even have the taste of it…
All this from an imaginary lemon…

So when you watch all the news in different angles and perceptions be aware that your brain might think that you actually are experiencing it. You’re primitive part of the brain will kick in and try to protect you , however it can not make see a difference and most of all it only works in the parameters of depression anxiety and anger.

Being stressed in that way over a Long period of time  might leads  to be  more anxious ,more irritated and with this you will not be able to access a this situation as you could from a positive mindset.
A positive mindset will not tell you the virus is not there and all is good , no it will help you to find solutions that are needed in your situation.

So perhaps limit your time watching the news , certainly before you go to bed and read something nice , do uplifting things .