A gift for you

A gift for you

We are living in a very special time. No one could imagine that our year would start like this. Most of the humans are in lockdown all over the planet and life has changed dramatic. For many people uncertainty is another stress factor and indeed if we follow the news it is hard to stay positive . However the most important thing now actually is this. We need to have a positive mindset to be able to get through this crisis and come out great on the other end. Way of Joy has now decided to do what we can to help other people for free. This means all the knowledge and wisdom that had been accumulated  over the years will be given out for free in you tube.  Currently we are setting this up in German language ,but once this is done I will set up the English Channel on You tube.

Meanwhile I would like to help with this free powerful mp3 which you should listen to every day . You simply have to lay down and relax and listen to the mp3. It does not matter if you fall asleep or if you listen to all of it . Just let it happen naturally.

Another thing which might help is to write down every day 3 good things that happend. Write it down and feel it for about a minute. This will help your brain to be more positive. click here for the mp3

Die Uebungen dauern keine Stunde wenn man sie taeglich macht. Sollte Ihr interessiert sein es in Deutsch zu hoeren kann ich gerne das ganze mal aufnehmen .


Die Zahl für den Virus ist :



MSM.. ich habe keine Erfahrung damit , aber habe es im deutschen Netz gefunden