The first steps

After a long time of building the nest for my work in Glastonbury in a form of a Log Cabin and much more , I am so happy that I can start doing the work I love to be doing. 
 A while ago I was working in my sessions with the cards of Doreen Virtue , but more and more after her conversion to very strong Christian Faith. I simply don't wanted to have a debate about her and her cards and decided to let them phase out of my work. I did search of cards that fits my work ,but found none. 
 I was asking the universe for help and got somehow inspired to create fractal cards in meditation with a pure intention. In this case the intention was to create a card for " Let go of negative thoughts and feelings " It was my first card and friends found it very calming and inspiring to look at the cards deeply and let your mind wander in it. 
 Of course we have to accept negative thoughts and feelings ,but we also need to be aware that they are only a cloud passing by , that we are the sky and not the clouds
 In my sessions of course more insight knowledge and wisdom will be offered for my clients to create step by step a more positive life. I love the colours and patterns. Colours can be very healing and supportive to all our goals and dreams. As an Aura Soma practitioner level2 I witnessed so many amazing situations in my personal as well as other peoples lives. This training is very helpful for me in creating this card deck. I wonder if you like to share with me how you like this card after using it.. Sit down and relax.. Just gaze at the card and have the sentence in mind .. Look at the details… and journey in it.. Pay attention to your thoughts even silly ones.. Don’t discard them ,but just let them be… floating by like a cloud and write down the most positive ones on a paper… leave that paper where you can see it and see what happens.. 
Wishing you a beautiful week 

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