How are  you doing in this challenging times ?

Would you like to make some steps into a brighter future ? Do you feel that life should offer you more than you currently are experiencing ?Perhaps do you feel lost in the woods and cannot see the trees ? I can help you to get focused with the help of a reading to make the changes you need so step into a brighter future. A very powerful guided meditation mp3 is supporting your session for your daily use. If you are in Glastonbury UK, you are welcome to visit me in person just 3 minutes of the highstreet. I also offer for people abroad skype and whats app session , where you can enjoy this relaxing session in your own home.

Wie geht es Dir in dieser besonderen Zeit ?


 Möchtest Du die ersten Schritte in eine bessere Zukunft machen ? Hast Du das Gefühl das da noch mehr im Leben ist , als Du es jetzt erlebst ? Kannst Du den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen ?
Eine spirituelle Beratung mit Karten kann Dir auf Deinem Lebensweg sehr helfen um Schritt fuer Schritt in eine gewünschte Zukunft zu gehen. 
Eine begleitende kraftvolle geführte Meditations mp3 wird Dir helfen dich mehr zu entspannen und deine Fokus nicht zu verlieren und schließlich dort hinzukommen wo Du gerne sein möchtest.
. Solltest Du in Glastonbury ( England ) sein , lade ich Dich ein mich persönlich zu treffen . Ich lebe ca nur 3Minuten von der Highstreet entfernt. Nicht in Glastonbury ? Kein Problem ich arbeite seit Jahren via Skype und Whats app. Viele meiner Klienten geniessen diese Stunde ganz fuer sie zu Hause auf dem Sofa .

Are Failures bad ?

Are failures bad ?

Are you in a safe harbour ?

Are you in a safe harbour?

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Is your mug half empty or full ? How to create a positive mindeset in this challinging times

Is the mug half empty or full ? Or how to create a positive mindset in challenging times. Is your mug half empty or full ?

I decide my mug is half full ,as if you think about it it is more positive and also creating more trust in this very moment.


Sometimes it is very hard for us to find something positive in our life and to shift our thinking even if we know we have too. I have been there too, knowing that it was not good for me to have a gloomy mood ,but somehow it did not shift no matter what…

There are several ways to get out of that feeling and mood . Try this :

Become a gatherer of good news good feelings. Breathe in all the good energy and breath out and let all go what is not serving you. Do that for a while and sit down and take a journal or piece of paper.

Let me tell you a known secret our brain cannot see the difference between an actual event or something that you imagine .


Now lets go write down moments in your life where you were happy no matter when this did happen . Just remember them and feel them again for a while . Be grateful that this had happened to you. Enjoy this feeling for a moment ( 1-3 Minutes)


Now write down another moment or something that is good in your life and do the same . Relive it see it feel it and be grateful about it.

And finally one more time .. Find something that is really beautiful relive it feel it.


As you have shifted now your mood a bit . Be thankful and tell yourself : I choose to think now positive and constructive thoughts that helps me to create the life I wish to live in. With this powerful method you can change your life easier see the things as they are even when they are not good and find a way to transform what needs to be transformed. Get yourself a journal and write every day about the good things that happened to you and feel them. Gather all the positive moments in your life sometimes it is only the smile of a stranger or the beauty of a flower. Let me know how it works for you Enjoy your day Isma

Nicht soviele Nachrichten schauen

Warum es wichtig ist nicht immer nur die Nachrichten zu schauen?
Viele von uns sind am Fernseher oder am Laptop Handy fest verbunden und schauen Nachrichten die ganze Zeit . Wieviele Tote gibt es, wie geht es weiter usw. Das ist jedoch eine falsche Strategie in dieser globalen stressvollen Zeit.


Es ist durchaus möglich, dass Du dadurch mehr und mehr gestresst wirst und immer ängstlicher und besorgter wirst was sich auf deinen Schlaf und Gesundheit auswirken kann.
Viele wissen von uns nicht, dass unser Gehirn keinen Unterschied sehen kann zwischen einem wirklichen Erlebnis etwas was wirklich mit dir passiert und etwas was du einfach nur siehst oder liesst und auch entsprechende Gefühle dazu bekommst.

Lass uns mal einen Test machen: Stelle Dir eine Zitrone eine frische Zitrone vor . Sie liegt auf einem Brett und Du nimmst ein Messer und schneidest diese Zitrone durch . Der Saft fliesst aus der Zitrone und frisch und klar. Vielleicht riechst nun sogar die Zitrone und das Wasser läuft im Mund zusammen als wenn Du eine Zitrone probieren würdest. Vielleicht sogar kannst du das saure der Zitrone in deinem Mund schmecken… Alles dies von einer vorgestellten Zitrone. ..

Wenn du nun also Nachrichten schaust, liest und dies fuer eine lange Zeit machst , wird dein primitives Teil des Gehirnes denken , dass es dir helfen muss und Gefahr im Wohnzimmer ist . Dieser primitive Teil des Gehirnes kann Situationen nicht richtig einschätzen und arbeitet nur in den Parametern von Angst, Depression und Wut.

Wenn man nun fuer eine lange Zeit so gestresst ist, kann dies dazu führen das man mehr und mehr gestresst ist, ängstlich wird und man auf keinen Fall die eigene Situation richtig einschätzen. Eine positive geistige Einstellung bedeutet nicht, dass man denkt alles ist gut und eine rosarote Brille aufhat , aber es kann dir helfen deine persönliche Situation richtig einzuschätzen und gute Lösungen finden.
Vielleicht es nun gut einmal nicht soviel Nachrichten zu schauen ,Horror Filme oder Krimis  das auch ganz bestimmt nicht bevor man abends zum schlafen geht.
Schaue positive Sachen lies schöne Sachen … mach Dinge die dir Freude bereiten

Are Failures bad ?

Are failures bad ?

Are you in a safe harbour ?

Are you in a safe harbour?

Photo By User Batintherain on en.wikipedia - Self-photographed, Public Domain,


Are you currently in a safe harbour ? Is your boat gently bobbing up and down and up and down ? It might be very comfortable for a time to just be in the harbour and let life happening just as it is, like the bobbing up and down. But then if we stay to long in the harbour life will get boring and depressing.


It is time now to untie the ropes and explore the oceans. To feel the wind in the flapping sails . To admire the stars in the night sky to feel the sunshine and wind in your hair. To feel and be alive. And sometimes if the weather is too bad to sail we still can imagine, make plans and goals to explore to find new lands, treasures and bounty.


 At this current global time we have so many limitations . Life is not the same as before ,but it is important to remember that even though that there are many restrictions for many people we still can do many many things. Perhaps there are challenges ,but life is full of challenges . It is a part of life. This crisis will end at one point too. Human race would not have survived if we would not have the ability to deal with great challenges .


What we need is a good mindset. A mind that accepts the reality but than is convinced that there is a solution a way to make life better. There are ways to create something new out of this situation something better something that makes us more thrive. A positive mind is more worth than any treasures on this planet as it shows us so many possibilities so many options. It makes us feel strong and alive, confident and competent.


And sometimes it takes a bit of time until the wind is in the sails, but the time will come where we can make the first steps into a new future.

Why not thinking today in positive ways.

.Where do you want to sail with your life boat ? What do you wish to explore ? There are so many treasures out there so many things to see and to find . The first step is often the hardest ,but step by step it will get easier. With a positive mindset we find skills that we thought we would not have . Remember skills from the past, get inspired by others and create new skills.


Here is your packing list for your journey with a good mindset

1. Postive thoughts and feelings

2. Good food and lots of water

3.postive interaction with other people

4. Exercise your body dance, yoga,Qui Gong , walk whatever you feel is good for you. Your body needs you .

5. Read good books and articles and inspiring movies.

6 . Write down every day at least 3 positive things that you came across on that day

7. Ask for help if you need support. Wishing you a great week And if you need help … Way of joy is happy to help

Are you ready to go ? Let me know


You are prescious

Are failures are bad for you ?

We all have experienced failures starting from a very young age . We may not remember them ,but how many times did we fell down when we learned to walk ? We may have cried a bit out of shock or pain ,but then we got up again.

Failures are not something bad they are actually something good. It depends on our mindset If we see it it an neutral result and as an valuable investment into our future we shift our thinking about failures.Failures are now of great value to actually create something better than we thought. However if we think we are a failure , this would mean that we are blocking ourselves from our wishes and dreams.


Edison tried 1000 times to invent the lightbulb which means 999 times he did get it wrong. With other words 999 failures helped to invent something so great that the whole world benefited from.


If we look in nature ,some plants seem to to have this motto : “My past failures where just an investment into my present and future” and these trees grow in strange direction to reach the light.Some other plants grow up and down and sideways just to reach their goal ….. the light.


Keep on doing and you will reach your light ( your goal). Be positive and do not let anybody dull your sparkle . Take care of yourself and create an positive mindset. Think positive , be active also physical and have good interactions with other people. This will be a great base to start the first steps into your positive future. Sometimes perhaps it is good to have somebody to help you to find the right mindset and Allie to help you to reach your goal . Way of Joy is happy to help to create your own positive mindset and the ability to focus on what you really want. We are just a call or text away. Have a great and wonderful week.